WEBERmade Application Tape Tool
* Application Tape Always Ready for Instant Use
* Choice of Singe or Double Shaft Tape Tools
* Ready To Use Single or Multiple Widths of Tape
* Adjustable Clutch to Control Tape Tension
* Apply Tape quickly, effortlessly and flawlessly
* Easily and Safely Apply Tape Professionally

WEBERmade Application Transfer Tape Tool
For Vinyl Sign Makers

Single Shaft Tape Application Tools
Single Shaft Tape Tool
The WEBERmade Tape Tool
Double Shaft Tape Tool

Time Tested & Proven!

The Quick & Easy Way
to apply application tape.

There is Nothing Better!

Now you can apply application tape quickly, effortlessly and flawlessly..
All day long.. All by your self.. Guaranteed!

That's right, the WEBERmade Tape Tool is the solution for applying application tape to vinyl and your satisfaction is 100 % GUARANTEED.

The Tape Tool was design by John Weber. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to make contact. John Weber is the designer and manufacturer of the WEBERmade Application Tape Tool. He also runs a small sign shop. A lot of the time he was by himself when it came to applying application tape. He tried many of the products on the market for applying application tape and wasn't very happy with them. He decided from the start that if he was going to make something better, it would be something that worked well and that it would be built to be efficient, effective, simple, durable and strong.

The end result - the WEBERmade Tape Tool. It is simple, strong and it works extremely well. It makes it quick and easy for one person to apply application tape. In fact it works so well, that the end results even amazed me.

One of the features that is totally unique about the WEBERmade Tape Tool is the clutch. The clutch makes it quick and easy for you to adjust the tension of your tape coming off the tape roll.

You can have the tension fully released, which would leave your roll of tape free wheeling. On the other end of the scale, you could set the tension so tight that you would not be able to pull the tape off the roll. With a quick turn of the clutch knob, you have full control of the tension.

The clutch assures smooth and consistent release of your application tape while holding tension on it. It is this feature that makes it almost impossible for anyone to mess up applying application tape onto vinyl.

The clutch is a very important feature of our tape tool but it is not the only thing that makes our tape tool great.

The WEBERmade Tape Tool clamps to the end of any work bench or table in minutes. Therefore, it does not take up any valuable work area and is always there ready to go to work for you. Our unique clamp-on mounting end brackets make it quick and easy for you to set up and also allows the Tape Tool to be easily moved from one location to another.

You can have any combination of application transfer tape widths from one roll of any width up to a multitude of rolls side by side to the width of the Tape Tool ready for instant use and wrinkle free application. Saves time and money. Changing rolls is quick and easy.

For more information, see General Information or View the Tape Tool in action on YouTube

View the Tape Tool in action on YouTube

WEBERmade Application Transfer Tape Tools are guaranteed by the manufacturer to-

  • Amaze you at how quick and easy it is for you to apply application tape.
  • Save you time and material.
  • Increase productivity and profits.
  • Eliminate bubbles and wrinkles.
  • Eliminate the frustration associated with applying application tape.

When you get one you will wonder how you ever worked without one. This tool is the choice of professional sign makers and is hands down the best unit of its kind. The WEBERmade Application Tape Tool is available in various sizes.