WEBERmade Application Tape Tool
* Application Tape Always Ready for Instant Use
* Choice of Singe or Double Shaft Tape Tools
* Ready To Use Single or Multiple Widths of Tape
* Adjustable Clutch to Control Tape Tension
* Apply Tape quickly, effortlessly and flawlessly
* Easily and Safely Apply Tape Professionally

Shipping & Handling

The WEBERmade Tape Tool

You are only charged ACTUAL shipping cost if you use our order form thenyour cost for freight is exactly what UPS charges us for freight. If you use the online facility to buy and pay with your credit card, the freight charge may not be exactly the UPS shipping cost,

There is NO CHARGE for handling.

All WEBERmade Tape Tools ordered from us are shipped from:

WEBERmade Enterprises
3863 Buckskin Rd. N.E.
Carlos, MN 56319 USA

See Specifications for sizes and weights. You can find out what the shipping cost by going to and entering our zip code 56319, the size of the box and the weight of the tape tool you are ordering.

Single Shaft Tape Tools Specifications.

Double Shaft Tape Tools Specifications